Guild Fame is a currency for guilds in which it is used to buy guild slots. Guild Fame are obtained in killing guild raid bosses and winning the weekly top guild raiders. This feature is mainly added for you not to pay for guild slots.
Guild Raid is an in game feature in which specific dungeons are locked for guilds only, Only a guild leader and commander is capable of starting a guild raid. With guild raids you could raid together with your guildmates and form up the best strategy in different dungeons. Winning a guild raid will broadcast your guild in game for clearing a raid, it would also increase your guild raid points and fame depending on your position.
Guild War is one of the featured in game features for guilds, with this you are able to declare a war against another guild by using the command (/gw guild), although only a guild leader can accept and declare a guild war against from another guild.
10% of the items would require you to meet a specific guild level for you to equip them. Guild Level is an ingame group grinding event in which you and your guild members would work together to gather guild XP through daily quests and monthly quests, each member's contributions are logged in your guildlist. Leaving from your guild will automatically unequip the items that requires you to have a specific guild level.
Copper is the main currency of the game in which it is given as a quest reward, daily login reward and a monster drop. Copper is mostly used to buy cheap items and known to be converted as gold. 50,000 Copper is equivalent to 1 Gold.
Gold is one of the most expensive currency in game, it is mostly used to buy quality items with a better stat and effect in game. Gold could be converted back to copper for an equivalent price of 30,000 copper.
Fragments is mainly used to fortify and strengthen your items in game, it is gained through salvaging items that are tagged as salvagable. Salvaging a fortified item would give you more fragments.
Loyalty Points are also known as coins in game, this currency is known to be the premium currency as this currency is only obtainable through in game event, purchases and giveaways.
Bonus Points is a shared currency to multiple characters of one account, it is obtained through purchasing an Loyalty Points tagged item. 20% Bonus Points are given depending on the purchased item's price.
Is the most known ranking system in game, different items are given depending on the rank you're into. Player Performance is mostly obtained thru killing monsters in game. The higher the monster's level the more Performence it gives. Dying from a monster will definitely decrease your Player Performance Points. The lower the level of the monster the higher you lose. Player Performance rewards are mostly given in the end of the week, a server shutdown is scheduled when PPR resets.
Market updates everytime an item is added or removed from the list. Whenever you buy an item the game drops you the item you bought lively and if you're offline, it would be inserted to your inventory automatically.
Is a set of commands which your character is gonna do depending on the order you set to each of your command list value, The commands mostly list the monsters, delays, coordinates, maps and cell or frame you've inputted.
Is a set of skills which your character is gonna do depending on the order you set to each of your command list value, The skills list only list the skills you've inputted.
Is a set of items which is also known as the white listed items, it is a list of items that you're character is gonna accept before it denies the excess drops.
Is an option where you could instruct your bot whether to pick all the dropped items in the monsters you've slain or the drops that are present at your screen.
Is an option where you could instruct your bot whether to deny all the dropped items that aren't in your white listed item list.
Is an option where you could let your character move in a specific coordinate of the map itself.
Is an option where you could jump around the map with the use of cells and pads that are currently present on the map you're staying.
Is an option where in you could retrieve the current cell and pad that you're character spawned in a current map frame.
Is an option where in you could retrieve the current position (X and Y) of your avatar in the map.
Is an option where in the system automatically uses the energizing items that are currently present in your inventory. It mostly uses the lowest energy item.
Is an option where in the system automatically skips the monsters that are dead or aren't found in your map.
Is an option where in the system automatically relogins your character and continue your botting process if ever you'll get disconnected.
Fortifying your items your overall character stronger. You can fortify your items by buying scrolls from a fortification shop while higher level fortification scrolls are dropped by World Bosses.
You can get jobs by joining a challenge map and killing a certain amount of monsters in which a requirement will drop that you will need to evolve your job. The current places in where you can evolve your jobs are "Thraveal" and "Vanearia".
The Wheel of Destiny is a system in the game where it allows you to spin for items. You are able to get any kind of item ranging from weapons to capes, with a chance to get rare items with a lower chance. The wheel is located at Underpath under the NPC Swindle. In order to spin the wheel you need a destiny ticket from Blik or from the free monthly spin.
Marriage is when two persons of different gender share a moment in which their characters are connected to one another. You can marry another player in "Sanctuary" where you have to face difficult tasks with your partner in order to get married.
A world boss is a powerful creature that spawns from time to time. It drops precious items along with gold to help you on your journey. Some are found on forests, Caves, The cold snowy mountains and on magical portals. Since they are incredibly strong taking it down with friends will be faster and more convenient.
The auction is a shop in the game where a player puts a specific price for an item and makes it available to be bought by other players who can afford its price. The current Auction locations are in Pub, Avalon and the Website Auction.
The library is a wikepedia of all the Items, Maps, Quests, Monsters, Jobs, Factions, and Achievements that are released in game. The official link for the library is:
The server rates is a system where all the Experience, Fragments, Item drop rate, Copper, Reputation and Job points are multiplied according to the set rates. There are weekend rates where the rates are set to 500% and sometimes weekday rates on special occasions.
You can change your job by buying a Job Reset Tome on Avalon. Using the Job Reset Tome will automatically change your job into Novice with 0 Job Points.